Boba Network

Enya Launches Public Testnet of OMGX — OMG Network’s Next-Generation Ethereum Scaling Solution

Integration will provide an enhanced developer experience building with OMGX

Enya, a leading provider of decentralized privacy solutions, in partnership with OMG Network, a pioneer in Ethereum scaling development are thrilled to announce their partnership with Web3API, a developer toolchain that makes it easy to integrate Web3 protocols into applications from any programming language. …

1. Thoughts and Observations

Some of our thoughts and observations as we continue to research the…

1. High-Level Layer-2 Observations and Trends

All Layer-2s are operating in a highly fluid environment characterized by new…

Boba Network

A next-generation Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution that reduces gas fees, improves transaction throughput, and extends the capabilities.

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